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The Region

Discover our tourist towns and villages

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Villes et villages - Baie-du-Febvre et ses oies

Baie-du-Febvre is located on a bird migratory route. This municipality is known for its exceptional biodiversity (site of the Lac Saint-Pierre World Biosphere Reserve) and welcomes almost 500 000 snow geese during their spring staging; their flights are very impressive! Baie-du-Febvre is a farming area but its main asset is its residents who will introduce you to the area’s attractions. The many cultural activities, including those at the Challenge 255 racing event, the Centre d’interprétation interpretation centre, and the Théâtre Belcourt performance hall, will liven up your stay. In terms of outdoor activities, there are rest areas, and ATV, snowmobile, and cross-country ski trails. Discover the gourmet side of Baie-du-Febvre residents through the Grande Tablée du Lac St-Pierre gastronomic event, local producers, and the Jardin de pluie rain garden behind the interpretation centre. 

This municipality also hosts part of the Route des Navigateurs.

298, route Marie-Victorin
Baie-du-Febvre  (Québec)  J0G 1A0
Phone: 450 783-6422
Fax: 450 783-6423

Population: 991
French name for inhabitants: Baievillois, Baievilloise

Web site:


Villes et villages - Bécancour - Pont Laviolette

Featuring recreational opportunities along the St. Lawrence Lowlands and a rich culture and heritage, Bécancour is a lively city in terms of its economy, social life, culture, and environment. Dynamic and attractive, Bécancour is welcoming, in tune with the public’s needs, and a great place to live. There is always something going on, with a number of events throughout the year that give it a festive atmosphere.

Here there is a focus on the environment and quality of life to ensure that everyone has the best possible experience. Bécancour is a region rich in resources, modern infrastructure, and the quality of its workforce. Its residents enjoy a healthy way of life and benefit from numerous, high-quality services. Bécancour is a modern, flourishing, recreational community that is part of the Route des Navigateurs.

1295, avenue Nicolas-Perrot
Bécancour  (Québec)  G9H 1A1
Phone : 819 294-6500
Fax : 819 294-6535

Population : 12 839
French name for inhabitants : Bécancourois, Bécancouroise

Email :
Web site:



Located in the Appalachian foothills, the municipality of Chesterville is crossed east to west by the Rivière Nicolet Nord (Nicolet North River). Route 161 is its main road, along with Chemin Craig (Craig Road) that runs through the village. This very active municipality takes advantage of its superb landscapes to host artistic events like the Chesterville art symposium.

472, rue de l'Accueil
Chesterville (Québec)  G0P 1J0
Phone: 819 382-2059
Fax: 819 382-2073

Population: 887
French name for inhabitants: Chestervillois, Chestervilloise

Email : 
Web site:


Villes et villages - Deschaillons-sur-Saint-Laurent

Known for brick-making, this municipality’s origins go back to the Deschaillons seigneury established in 1674. Its cliff-top location makes it a veritable window on the river. A unique holiday destination, Deschaillons is popular among boaters, thanks to its marina, and camping enthusiasts who have access to a beautiful site facing the river.

At the eastern end of the village is a 280-kg rock, which legend has it, was moved by someone named Mailhot. This municipality also hosts part of the Route des Navigateurs.

1596, route Marie-Victorin
Deschaillons-sur-Saint-Laurent  (Québec)
G0S 1G0
Phone: 819 292-2085
Fax: 819 292-3194

Population: 932
French name for inhabitants: Deschaillonnais, Deschaillonnaise

Web site : 


Villes et villages - Drummondville

Renowned for its industrial vigour, Drummondville is also well-known for its cultural activities and its heritage. Every summer, the very reputable Mondial des Cultures transforms the city into an exceptional mosaic of nations. And no one can talk about Drummondville without mentioning poutine. The city hosts the famous Festival de la Poutine, a great occasion for getting together and enjoying good food to the sound of performances by major artists from the music scene. 

The Village Québécois d’Antan pioneer village takes a look back at life in Québec in the 19th century. Added to this is a dynamic downtown core brought to life through its shows, exhibition venues, and heritage tour…creating a very vibrant life for tourists. In Drummondville, tourism is a major focus!

415, rue Lindsay
Drummondville (Québec)  J2B 6W3
Phone: 819 478-6550
Fax: 819 478-3363

Population: 74540
French name for inhabitants: Drummondvillois, Drummondvilloise

Web site:



Founded by Scottish immigrants in 1829, Inverness still has several tangible reminders of Scottish culture. A North American showcase for bronze, Inverness is home to a number of art foundries. With its stunning landscapes and rich heritage, Inverness is one of the most beautiful villages in Quebec. Let yourself be soothed and charmed by picturesque tourist routes.

1799, Dublin C.P. 129
Inverness  (Québec)  G0S 1K0
Phone: 418 453-2512
Fax: 418 453-2554

Population: 831
French name for inhabitants: Invernois, Invernoise

Web site:

Kingsey Falls

Kingsey Falls

Located about 25 kilometres from Victoriaville, Kingsey Falls invites you to discover the cycling trail linking the town to the Route verte. Parc Bernard-Lemaire and the municipal park equipped with playground equipment and picnic tables, both along the rivière Nicolet (Nicolet River), are ideal family stops. A footbridge made of recycled materials spans the river and provides access to Parc Marie-Victorin.

15, rue Caron C.P. 270
Kingsey Falls  (Québec)  J0A 1B0
Phone: 819 363-3810
Fax: 819 363-3819

Population: 2 038
French name for inhabitants: Kingsey-Fallois, Kingsey-Falloise

Web site:



Located on the shores of the rivière Bécancour (Becancour River), the municipality of Lyster in an enchanting site for outdoor enthusiasts. Close to the Bois-Francs linear park, the Lyster train station, one of the oldest in North America, has kept its original cachet and serves as a cycling rest stop.

Another attraction for visitors is a magnificent Neo-Gothic style, wooden church. A popular stop is the Sault-Rouge waterfalls, with a campground nearby.

2375, rue Bécancour
Lyster  (Québec)  G0S 1V0
Phone: 819 389-5787
Fax: 819 389-5981

Population: 1 645
French name for inhabitants: Lysterois, Lysteroise


Web site :



Cities - Nicolet - Boisé du Séminaire

Founded in 1672, Nicolet is one of the oldest towns in Quebec. With its ideal location at the confluence of the rivière Nicolet (Nicolet River) and lac Saint-Pierre (Lake St.Pierre), Nicolet is part of the Village-relais network and offers activities, services and attractions in a rural setting interspersed with dairy and field crop farms.

It has a rich architectural, cultural, historical and religious heritage. The cathedral in this town is an outstanding example. Created by Jean-Paul Charland of Nicolet, the stained glass window on the front is unique because of its dimensions. In the morning and noon sun, it is stunning. The cathedral also boasts a Casavant organ dating back to 1909. This municipality is a delightful combination of a charming location and vivacious people and host part of the Route des Navigateurs.

180, rue Monseigneur-Panet
Nicolet (Québec) J3T 1S6
Phone: 819 293-6901
Fax: 819 293-6767

Population: 8 032
French name for inhabitants: Nicolétain, Nicolétaine

Web site:


Cities and towns - Notre-Dame-de-Ham

Picturesque rivers and mountains provide this village (located along Route 161) with spectacular vistas. Take time to enjoy the municipal park, appreciated by young and old. Discover local products, a fishing site, and the village’s heritage. Meditate at the shrine located near the church built in 1940, one of the region’s rare neoclassical churches.

25, rue de l'Église
Notre-Dame-de-Ham  (Québec)  G0P 1C0
Phone: 819 344-5806
Fax: 819 344-5807

Population: 422
French name for inhabitants: Notre-D'Hamois, Notre-D'Hamoise

Web site :



Plessisville is located in the foothills of the Appalachians. Where the rivière Bourbon (Bourbon River) runs through town, there is a wonderful park, an ideal spot to relax, have a picnic or enjoy activities organized by the Carrefour de l’Érable. Also, a water games area is sceduled for summer 2016. This attractive site features a footbridge created by sculptor Armand Vaillancourt.

Plessisville has lots of services for tourists, cyclists, ATV riders and snowmobilers. Whatever the season, Plessisville’s great restaurants, cosy accommodations, and outdoor activity facilities will be pleased to welcome you.

1700, rue Saint-Calixte
Plessisville  (Québec)  G6L 1R3
Phone : 819 362-3284
Fax : 819 362-6421

Population : 6 661
French name for inhabitants : Plessisvillois, Plessisvilloise

Web Site :


Princeville - Church

The town of Princeville is family-oriented and well-known for its dynamic residents. A number of major activities take place here every year, including the Festival du Cheval horse festival and Bières, bouffe et culture, which attract thousands of visitors.

Golf enthusiasts can play their favourite sport on two courses and vacationers can have fun at one of the two campgrounds. The town also hosts two provincial hockey tournaments (Bantam-Midget and Novice-Atom). Not to mention the many activities held at the Parc multisports throughout the year: the Carnaval d’hiver winter carnival, Opération Bougeotte (a day of festivities promoting physical activity), the Fête nationale celebrating Québec’s national holiday, and much more! 

Adresse : 50, rue Saint-Jacques Ouest
Princeville (Québec) G6L 4Y5
Phone: 819 364-3333
Fax: 819 364-5198

Population: 5 902
French name for inhabitants: Princevillois, Princevilloise

Web site:



Located among rolling hills and bordered by the rivière Saint-François (St. Francis River), Saint-Félix de- Kingsey will enchant you: the road along the river (Chemin de la Rivière) is great for cycling; the panoramic view from Mount St. Félix, next to the illuminated cross; two campgrounds; maple bushes; berry productions; Christmas tree plantations; the wooden Anglican Church (Sydenham Place), Trenholm’s United Church (brick) and horse shed, and the stone Catholic Church in the heart of the village, all classified heritage buildings.

1205, rue de l'Église
Saint-Félix,de-Kingsey  (Québec)  J0B 2T0
Phone: 819 848-2321
Fax: 819 848-2202

Population: 1 572
French name for inhabitants: Kingséen, Kingséenne

Courriel :
Web site:


Villes et villages - Saint-Ferdinand

The key attraction of the municipality of Saint-Ferdinand is lac William (Lake William), a body of water more than seven kilometres in length. It welcomes water skiers and recreational boaters in the summer, and ice fishing enthusiasts in the winter. A number of facilities are located here: a marina, an inn, B&Bs, campgrounds and restaurants. 

375, rue Principale
Saint-Ferdinand  (Québec)  G0N 1N0
Phone:  418 428-3480
Fax: 418 428-9724

Population: 2 062
French name for inhabitants: Ferdinois, Ferdinoise

Web site:



This municipality is known as the cradle of the Bois-Francs region since the region’s first pioneer, Charles Héon, settled here. It is also known as the province’s cranberry capital for its more than dozen producers of this tangy fruit found on its territory.

80-1 rue Principale 
Saint-Louis-de-Blandford  (Québec)  G0Z 1B0
Phone: 819 364-7007
Fax: 819 364-2781

Population: 963
French name for inhabitants: Ludoviciens, Ludoviciennes

Web site:


Villes et villages - Saint-Pierre-les-Becquets - Fleuve

Along with 200 summer residents, citizens enjoy the panoramic scenery of the coast of the fleuve Saint-Laurent (St. Lawrence River). The municipality is fortunate to have a variety of facilities. The sports and cultural centre provides an arena and the high school opens its indoor pool and new fitness center to the public.

Our numerous resident artists catch the imagination of curious visitors and there’s market gardening boasting a variety of vegetables, berries and our famous tomatoes. There are several tourist attractions : La Tomaterie, Bleuets et cie, a walking tour of historic sites, the church dating back to 1839, our river park, and a tomato-themed park. This municipality also hosts part of the Route des Navigateurs.

110, rue des Loisirs
Saint-Pierre-les-Becquets  (Québec)  G0X 2Z0
Phone : 819 263-2622
Fax : 819 263-0798

Population : 1 209
French name for inhabitants : Becquetois, Becquetoise

Email :
Web Site :



This municipality, founded in 1881, is in the heart of the mountains. With breathtaking scenery, it opens its doors to a broad diversity of tourist sites. Here, farmland and sugar bushes co-exist with vacation sites. The banks of Trois-Lacs are awe-inspiring and a source of tranquility. Agritourism is booming.

156, rue Principale
Saint-Rémi-de-Tingwick  (Québec)  J0A 1K0
Phone: 819 359-2731
Fax: 819 359-3532

Population: 479
French name for inhabitants: Rémien, Rémienne

Web site : 


Founded in 1842, its history is marked by bridges; the current one, built in 1991, is the sixth – the others were all taken out by ice. The church, with its Neo-Roman-inspired architecture, possesses a concert organ. Sainte-Monique also boasts a four-season walking trail.

The Moniquois offers two different routes. The riverside trail Sentier de la Rivière is 1.5 km long and is ideal for walking. The maple-bush trail Sentier de l'Érablière presents two possibilities, a long 5.1-km loop and a short loop that covers 3.8 km. This trail is ideal for walking or snowshoeing in the daytime or in the evening. Walk along our trails and experience the unique nature. We are pleased to share this enjoyable site with you absolutely free of charge. Sainte-Monique looks forward to your visit!

247, rue Principale
Sainte-Monique  (Québec)  J0G 1N0
Phone: 819 289-2051
Fax: 819 289-2344

Population: 571
French name for inhabitants : Moniquois, Moniquoise

Web site :


Villes et villages - Sainte-Sophie-de-Lévrard

With spell-binding beauty, Ste-Sophie-de-Lévrard is located in an enchanting setting. Admire the 12.2-m, century-old elm tree transformed into a giant sculpture by renowned Saint-Jean-Port-Joli sculptor, Maurice Harvey, and surrounded by exceptional flower gardens, a pool, fountains, and the mayor’s clock.

Throughout the summer, the village gossip will be waiting for you inside the church to show you its splendour and to relate its history. From the 1904 Casavant organ to the works of art on display, she will describe the lives of our ancestors through the permanent exhibition of period farm machinery sculptures by Clément Fournier.

In August, the public is invited to attend an exceptional family event at which exhibitors, special activities, and musical performances by renowned artists will be featured. 

174-A, rang Saint-Antoine
Sainte-Sophie-de-Lévrard  (Québec)  G0X 3C0
Phone: 819 288-5804
Fax: 819 602-8913

Population : 737 

Email :
Web site :


Cities and villages - Victoriaville -

Victoriaville is a modern, prosperous, vibrant city that has everything you need to live an active, healthy lifestyle. It’s a choice destination for sports enthusiasts whatever the season. In addition to the Mont Arthabaska mountain bike trail network, the ice skating loop in the city centre and the picturesque bridge over the Beaudet reservoir, the city is crisscrossed by 58 km of bicycle paths that link up with the Route verte. Clean and welcoming with abundant  green space, Victoriaville is a family-friendly town that hosts a wide variety of sports and cultural events not to mention being a major stop on the antique trail. The city boasts a rich architectural heritage and is home to the Musée Laurier and the Musée de l'Hôtel des postes, both dedicated to the exposition of fine art. 

1, rue Notre-Dame Ouest C.P. 370
Victoriaville (Québec) G6P 6T2
Phone: 819 758-1571
Fax: 819 758-9292

Population: 45232
French name for inhabitants : Victoriavillois, Victoriavilloise

Web site:



An attractive town located at the foot on the Appalachians, Warwick is known for its industrial and agricultural vocations. A pleasant place to visit, it has been the winner of the province’s cities and towns in bloom competition a number of times, thus earning it the nickname, “The bloom of the Bois-Francs.” Its beautiful parks, covered bridge over the rivière des Pins (Pine River), Maison de la Culture, rest area for cyclists (in the old train station), and lovely homes with their distinctive architecture will more than charm you.

8, rue de l'Hôtel-de-Ville
Warwick (Québec) J0A 1M0
Phone: 819 358-4300
Fax: 819 358-4319

Population: 4699
French name for inhabitants: Warwickois, Warwickoise



Cities and towns - Wickham

Established in 1867, Wickham is located along Route 139. The municipality?s economy is mainly based on agriculture and industry. The Route Verte bike trail crosses through town and takes cycling enthusiasts through beautiful scenery they can enjoy up close. Along the way, you will find a rest area. Year after year, Camping Plage des Sources is the site of the "Fête au village de Wickham", a major regional festival invinting everyone to join in the celebrations.

893, rue Moreau
Wickham  (Québec)  J0C 1S0
Phone : 819 398-6878
Fax: 819 398-7166

Population: 2 500
French name for inhabitants : Wickhamois, Wickhamoise

Email :
Web site :

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