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It all started here.

While travelling on Highway 20 or 55, if you pay attention and engage all your senses, as you roll into the Centre-du-Québec region, you’ll likely smell the distinctive aroma of cheese, gravy and French fries. And, if you listen carefully, you may even hear the “squeak” of fresh cheese curds… Welcome to the birthplace of poutine!

We owe the invention of this deliciously satisfying dish to local creative gourmets… or to wonderfully imaginative foodies! Initially made with French fries and cheese by the Lachance family, in 1957, thanks to Jean-Paul Roy of Roy Jucep, the poutine was topped with gravy. To this day, this dish is a must-have on his restaurant’s menu. Imagine, 65 years of poutine—that’s a lot of squeaky cheese!

It is presumed that if the poutine was born in our region, it’s because of our many cheese shops. This summer, be sure to visit them on your road trip through our area and enjoy the Poutine Experience. Bon appétit!

Fries. Gravy. Cheese curds.
Welcome to Centre-du-Québec

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