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Boisé-du-Séminaire (site naturel)

First private natural reserve within in an urban setting in Quebec

Rue Mgr-Suzor
Nicolet (Quebec)

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Quebec's first natural reserve in an urban setting. Covering an area of 10 hectares, these reserves constitute a first in Quebec, right in the middle of an urban setting. The Réserve Naturelle du Boisé-du-Séminaire is comprised of two forest blocks: The Séminaire part and the St-Joseph part, which are separated by the Boisé des Soeurs de l'Assomption. A majestic white pine in the reserve was listed in the 1994 edition of the "Forêt conservation" directory as one of the 38 most notable trees in Quebec. This tree, which has a circumference of 3.16 metres and is over 34 metres tall, was selected for its historical interest and its age (over 200 years). Plan a getaway and discover over a century of history!

Bird-watchers and bird-lovers can observe numerous species of forest birds.

You'll find the Boisé du Séminaire on the Centre-du-Québec Region Bird-Watching Tour.

Parking behind the Cathédrale de Nicolet

Site accessible for free

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