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Circuit de découverte des Chemins Craig et Gosford

Tourist circuit along 19th century stagecoach roads

1280 avenue Trudelle
Plessisville (Quebec)
G6L 3K4

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The Craig and Gosford Trail Discovery Tour offers a true journey through the 19th century. As you go along these paths of history, you will witness the rich cultural heritage of our Scottish, Irish and English ancestors. You will admire breathtaking scenery, visit historic sites, the Bronze Museum and much more. This activity is ideal for fans of photography, history or even rallye!

Indeed, a whole new historical rally is offered to you. A challenge that will appeal to the younger by its interactive component and to the elders by its astonishing content. While discovering the 125 kilometers of the circuit, you will, while having fun, perfect your historical knowledge and better know our magnificent region. It should be noted that there is no predetermined time for carrying out this rally. You can interrupt it at any time and start again at the place you stopped.

Pick up your rally card at the L'Érable tourist information office (1280 Trudelle Avenue, Plessisville), or visit our web site for more information.

Family oriented historical rallly available. Pick up your rally card at the L'Érable tourist information office .

Open at all times
Look at schedule of the L'Érable tourist information office to buy your rally card.

Buy your rally card at the L'Érable tourist information office for $10.

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