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Le Carré 150 (La Corriveau - La soif des corbeaux)

Revisit one of Quebec's most memorable legends!
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« C'est l'heure! Le temps est enfin arrivé. L'heure de vérité a sonné.
Ça fait assez longtemps! 300 ans qu'on attend!
Le temps a passé, coulé, figé. La légende a pris son temps...
Faut rattraper le temps perdu, c'est le temps d'être entendus!
C'est l'heure, c'est maintenant, la scène est revenue. 
Il était une fois où l'histoire allait se répéter sans cesse. »

(excerpt of the original text)

Discover a story that has been echoing for a very long time and, this time, will be told through the mouths of those who have not spoken enough. A story from the past, which reflects our thoughts today and which surprisingly reflects certain aspects of our contemporary world: The legend of La Corriveau! In the course of an investigation and a trial of a thousand paces, the many discrepancies and distortions of this woman's tragic story will be brought to life. This story has a broad back... It drags in its wake women by the thousands, murdered women, women pointed at for having spoken, for having dared, for having sung too loudly, for having howled at the moon and danced in the light... The witches of yesterday gave birth to all those who still burn today. The only thing that has changed is the way we die.

Don't miss this new original musical play with Jean Maheux, Frédérike Bédard, Renaud Paradis, Frédérique Mousseau, Karine Lagueux, Simon Labelle-Ouimet, Jade Bruneau and Simon Fréchette-Daoust!

  • Creative direction and staging: Jade Bruneau
  • Text: Geneviève Beaudet and Félix Léveillé
  • Songs : Audrey Thériault
  • Musical direction and arrangements : Marc-André Perron
  • Assistant director and stage manager: Lou Arteau and Marilou Huberdeau
  • A creation of the Théâtre de l'Oeil Ouvert

Playing at Carré 150-espace culturel de Victoriaville, from August 4 to 20, 2022. Complete schedule of performances: www.lecarre150.com/saison-estivale.

Starting at $52 (regular rate). 

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