Miellerie King - distillerie & hydromellerie

Honey in all its forms. Extraordinary honey, sauces and alcohol !

15 Lajeunesse
Kingsey Falls (Quebec)
J0A 1B0

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Located in the heart of Centre-du-Québec, Miellerie King's mission is to make you discover the unique and tasty honey of our land. Passionate beekeepers, the artisans of Miellerie King are committed to offering you quality products carefully crafted, lovingly crafted using our pure unpasteurized honeys brimming with flavor.

Miellerie King  - distillery & meadery is one of the few distilleries that produces its alcohol from A to Z, bee to the bottle. The majority of distilleries in Quebec use bulk alcohol from Ontario and redistillate it by adding aromatics. Although this requires certain knowledge, we have decided to take even more ownership of our product. At the Miellerie King, the alcohol is made from honey from its own beehives and the majority of herbs are picked locally when possible. This is 100% local alcohol! Our honeys are first of all fermented to make meads and, subsequently, they are distilled with care by our distiller in our still. A monk's job that allows us to develop exceptional products, bee to the bottle!

Visits to the Miellerie facilities are possible during our opening hours. Pure honeys, honey caramel and sauces are just some of the product possibilities that you will find in our store. We also offer several varieties of canned mead and delectable alcoholic beverages.

Take advantage of your stay with us to visit the magnificent Parc Marie-Victorin which is less than 2 km from La Miellerie. Gardens, trails, waterfalls, picnic areas and much more will delight young and old!

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All year long:

Monday to Friday 9h to 16h

Saturday: 10h to 17h

June to Beginning of September: 

Saturday and Sunday: 13h to 17h

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