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Réserve naturelle du Boisé-de-la-Marconi

A natural environment protected by the City of Drummondville

3745 boulevard Saint-Joseph
Drummondville (Quebec)
J2B 8H2

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No less than 10 trails wind through the Réserve naturelle du Boisé-de-la-Marconi, giving access to this 60-hectar woodlot's rich vegetation, wildlife and ecological diversity. Just a few steps away from the first of two parking lots, a 30-place amphitheatre appears. Rest areas, signs and benchmarks complete the accommodations. Ornithology fans will appreciate the woodlot's birdwatching possibilities.

You'll find the Réserve naturelle du Boisé-de-la-Marconi on the Centre-du-Quebec Region Bird-Watching Tour.

Walking trails

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