Discover Appalachian landscapes
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Discover Appalachian landscapes

  • 15 attractions
  • 03 days
  • 141 km

The landscapes in Centre-du-Québec will knock your socks off! As you walk through the Appalachian foothills, you won’t want to put your camera down even for a second!

In addition to visiting these incredible attractions, we suggest that you explore the routes of the municipalities listed below. You will quickly realize that the views in Centre-du-Québec are simply breathtaking!

  • Stop #1

    Mont Arthabaska

    Observation point with lookout over the region and great location for outdoor activities

    100 chemin du Mont Arthabaska
    Victoriaville (Quebec)
    G6S 0N4

    819 751-4520

  • Stop #2

    Ville de Victoriaville

    Victoriaville Urban Health and destination for all!

    1 rue Notre-Dame Ouest
    Victoriaville (Quebec)
    G6P 6T2

    819 758-1571

  • Stop #3

    Vignoble Les Côtes du Gavet

    An enchanting site, the Vignoble Les Côtes du Gavet vineyard introduces visitors to wine-making in Quebec

    1690 Chemin de l'Aqueduc
    Tingwick (Quebec)
    J0A 1L0

    819 850-3391

  • Stop #4

    Pub L'Ours Noir

    The regional products as well as its specialties, the game and the tartare are featured in the bistro

    4 rue Saint-Joseph
    Warwick (Quebec)
    J0A 1M0

    819 358-5108

  • Stop #5

    Aux Plaisirs Partagés

    A well deserved relaxing moment!

    164 rue Saint-Louis
    Warwick (Quebec)
    J0A 1M0

    819 358-9560

  • Stop #6

    Ville de Warwick

    City of Warwick the FLOWER of the Bois-Francs!

    8 rue de l'Hôtel-de-Ville
    Warwick (Quebec)
    J0A 1M0

    819 358-4300

  • Stop #7

    Musée des outils anciens de Saint-Rémi-de-Tingwick

    The largest antique tool museum in Canada

    1460 rue Principale
    Saint-Rémi-de-Tingwick (Quebec)
    J0A 1K0

    819 749-1072

  • Stop #8

    Municipalité de Saint-Rémi-de-Tingwick

    Water, mountain and agriculture!

    1461 rue Principale
    Saint-Rémi-de-Tingwick (Quebec)
    J0A 1K0

    819 359-2731

  • Stop #9

    Sentiers équestres aux mille collines

    Breathtaking scenery to discover!


    819 350-2107

  • Stop #10

    Municipalité de Notre-Dame-de-Ham

    The mountains, the valley, the forest and the river!

    25 rue de l'Église
    Notre-Dame-de-Ham (Quebec)
    G0P 1C0

    819 344-5806

  • Stop #11

    Manoir du lac William

    The service of great hotels with the charm of a boutique hotel!

    3180 rue Principale
    Saint-Ferdinand (Quebec)
    G0N 1N0

    418 428-9188

  • Stop #12

    Municipalité de Saint-Ferdinand

    Enjoy the best of both worlds: rural near the city!

    375 rue Principale
    Saint-Ferdinand (Quebec)
    G0N 1N0

    418 428-3480

  • Stop #13

    Musée du Bronze d'Inverness

    Museum-gallery where you can touch the bronze sculptures of Quebec artists and discover the secrets and techniques of the art foundry

    1760 rue Dublin
    Inverness (Quebec)
    G0S 1K0

    418 453-2101

  • Stop #14

    Municipalité d'Inverness

    Its landscapes, its heritage and the bronze!

    1799 Dublin
    Inverness (Quebec)
    G0S 1K0

    418 453-2512

  • Stop #15

    Parc éolien de L'Érable

    Discover a green energy bigger than nature in one of the largest wind farms in Quebec!

    20 rue de l'Église
    Sainte-Sophie-d'Halifax (Quebec)
    G0P 1L0


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