Motel ANF

Formerly known as the Motel Alouette, we welcome you to our charming 22-room motel in Drummondville, central Quebec

1975 Bd. Mercure
Drummondville (Quebec)
J1B 3P3
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Come stay at the ANF Motel in Drummondville! We guarantee a personalized, eco-friendly and innovative stay. Our 22-room motel offers rooms with one bed, two beds, or even family rooms. All our offers give you access to the motel's spa and sauna. Additionally, all of our door locks feature smart locks, which allow you to access your room without having to stop at the front desk. By staying with us, you are encouraging a young entrepreneur and owner of only 20 years old. What are you waiting to book?

Minimum price - Double occupancy : 78.00 $ CAD

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