The Centre-du-Québec flavour tour
Gourmet road trip

The Centre-du-Québec flavour tour

  • 18 attractions
  • 03 days
  • 172 km

Interested in discovering what the Centre-du-Québec has to offer in terms of flavours and agritourism tours? We invite you to take the “Centre-du-Québec flavour tour.”

Explore various locations where you‘ll discover the story and taste of each local product, made by our producers with dedication and love. You‘ll be astonished by everything that these dedicated producers can offer you. Your taste buds will thank you!

  • Stop #1

    Bleuets & cie

    Come and pick your own blueberries or take a break to enjoy our fresh Bleuets & Cie products

    512, route Marie-Victorin
    Saint-Pierre-les-Becquets (Quebec)
    G0X 2Z0

    819 263-0286

  • Stop #2

    La Tomaterie de Saint-Pierre-les-Becquets

    Discover a wide range of products with flavours from the past

    135 route Marie-Victorin (route 132)
    Saint-Pierre-les-Becquets (Quebec)
    G0X 2Z0

    819 263-0103

  • Stop #3

    Moulin Michel de Gentilly

    Visit this original flour mill

    675 boulevard Bécancour
    Bécancour (Quebec)
    G9H 3S9

    819 298-2882

  • Stop #4

    La Maison de Bibi, café-boutique

    Under the same roof: Bistro cafe, gourmet shop and handmade soap making

    14 840, boulevard Bécancour
    Bécancour (Quebec)
    G9H 2L5

    819 222-5800

  • Stop #5

    Domaine du Clos de l'Isle

    Our wines have a distinctive oenological character

    11 100 chemin des Coquelicots
    Bécancour (Quebec)
    G9H 4X3

    819 222-5210

  • Stop #6

    Ô Quai des Brasseurs

    805, ave des Nénuphars
    Bécancour (Quebec)
    G9H 2T3

    819 489-8388

  • Stop #7

    Auberge Godefroy

    Auberge Godefroy will charm you with refined comfort and an aqua relaxation space

    17575, boulevard Bécancour
    Bécancour (Quebec)
    G9H 1A5

    819 233-2200

  • Stop #8

    Le Verger Canard Goûteux

    Duck products store near Victoriaville

    49 route 116 Est
    Warwick (Quebec)
    J0A 1M0

    819 357-1658

  • Stop #9

    Parc Marie-Victorin

    The largest ecological garden in Quebec

    385 boulevard Marie-Victorin
    Kingsey Falls (Quebec)
    J0A 1B0

    819 363-2528

  • Stop #10

    Vignoble Les Côtes du Gavet

    An enchanting site, the Vignoble Les Côtes du Gavet vineyard introduces visitors to wine-making in Quebec

    1690 Chemin de l'Aqueduc
    Tingwick (Quebec)
    J0A 1M0

    819 850-3391

  • Stop #11

    Pub L'Ours Noir

    The regional products as well as its specialties, the game and the tartare are featured in the bistro

    4 rue Saint-Joseph
    Warwick (Quebec)
    J0A 1M0

    819 358-5108

  • Stop #12

    Gîte du Champayeur

    B&B located near the bike path

    5 rue de l'Hôtel de Ville
    Warwick (Quebec)
    J0A 1M0

    819 358-9101

  • Stop #13

    Brûlerie des Cantons

    Coffee-roasting house and quality coffee produced on site

    4, rue Beauchesne
    Warwick (Quebec)
    J0A 1M0

    819 358-9177

  • Stop #14

    Fromage Warwick

    Products made from cow's milk Jersey

    1, rue Lemay
    Warwick (Quebec)
    J0A 1M0

    819 559-8080

  • Stop #15

    Érablière aux Petits Plaisirs

    The sweet touch you're looking for

    63, rang des Buttes
    Warwick (Quebec)
    J0A 1M0

    819 358-0555

  • Stop #16

    Le Communard

    Enjoy dishes prepared with passion by our chef

    633 boulevard Jutras Est
    Victoriaville (Quebec)
    G6P 7H4

    819 758-7588

  • Stop #17

    Parc du Réservoir Beaudet (site naturel)

    Must-see bird-watching site

    Rue Garand
    Victoriaville (Quebec)

    819 758-1571 ou 819 751-4521 (été)

  • Stop #18

    La Fromagerie Victoria

    Cheese factory with restaurant, dairy bar and terrace

    101 rue de l'Aqueduc
    Victoriaville (Quebec)
    G6P 1M2

    819 752-6821