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  • 79 km
Level : Easy

From Drummondville, on the Circuit des traditions route, you’ll cycle along the shores of the Saint-François River (St. Francis River), which flows into Lake Saint-Pierre near Pierreville and Saint-François-du-Lac. On both sides of the River, you’ll enjoy spectacular views and pass through Drummond Forest, which straddles the River in the Saint-Majorique and Saint-Joachim-de-Courval sectors. In Pierreville, a stop at the foot of the bridge is a must : the Parc Lafrenière on the waterfront is a great place to rest. Nearby, a foray into Odanak will help you discover Abenaki culture. Returning via Saint-Joachim, an aerial ropes courses park will delight the whole family, including the most adventurous!

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  • Halte de vélo La Plaine - Parc du Sanctuaire (Drummond Forest)
    3490, Rang de la Rivière, Saint-Majorique-de-Grantham
    (Exit 179 of Highway 20 and follow the directions of blue signs)

Route Details 

  • Paved road : 67 km
  • Paved bike path : 5 km (in Drummondville)
  • Unpaved bike path : 7 km (in the Drummond Forest,on the Circuit des traditions at Saint-Majorique-de-Grantham)
  • Route verte #4 bikeway (between Drummondville, Saint-Majorique, Saint-Bonaventure, Saint-Pie-de-Guire, Saint-François-du-Lac and Pierreville)
  • Circuit des traditions (Drummond's bike network, between Drummondville, Saint-Majorique, Saint-Bonaventure, Saint-Pie-de-Guire)

On the road / Nearby

Climb in elevation 
285 m

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