• 01 day
  • 69 km
Level : Expert

This route offers amazing views. Experienced cyclists will be thrilled with the numerous climbs and descents in the foothills of the Appalachians. Along the way and close by, you’ll find several gourmet stops: cheese-makers, a coffee house, bakery and vineyard as well as a festive pub that offering cuisine featuring local and Québec terroir products. In Warwick, discover the town’s architectural wealth and its covered bridge, built in 1908. As you head towards Tingwick, enjoy a great view of Mont Gleason. In Chesterville, nicknamed "Quebec’s little Switzerland," take a break to admire the scenery.

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  • Maison de la culture de Warwick (gare)
    169, rue Saint-Louis, Warwick

Route Details

  • Paved road: 45,5 km
  • Unpaved road: 3 km
  • Paved bike path: 1 km
  • Unpaved bike path: 19,5 km
  • Numerous climbs and drops in the foothills of the Appalachians
  • Vehicle traffic somewhat heavier on certain parts of the route

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