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  • Ville de Bécancour - Laviolette Bridge

Ville de Bécancour

Bécancour, we are made for ...

1005 boulevard de Port-Royal
Bécancour (Quebec)
G9H 4Y2

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Featuring recreational opportunities along the St. Lawrence Lowlands and a rich culture and heritage, Bécancour is a lively city in terms of its economy, social life, culture, and environment. Dynamic and attractive, Bécancour is welcoming, in tune with the public's needs, and a great place to live. There is always something going on, with a number of events throughout the year that give it a festive atmosphere.

Here there is a focus on the environment and quality of life to ensure that everyone has the best possible experience. Bécancour is a region rich in resources, modern infrastructure, and the quality of its workforce. Its residents enjoy a healthy way of life and benefit from numerous, high-quality services. Bécancour is a modern, flourishing, recreational community that is part of the Route des Navigateurs.

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Population : 13827

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