A drive on the Route des Navigateurs
Discovery road trip

A drive on the Route des Navigateurs

  • 16 attractions
  • 03 days
  • 140 km

In Centre-du-Québec, discover, enjoy and taste everything the 85 kilometers of great scenery and welcoming stops along the St Lawrence river have to offer.

DAY 1 

  • Start with a little walk on the footbridge on stilts at the Parc Écomaritime de l'Anse-du-Port and observe the abundant, diversified and marvellous flora and fauna. Climb to the top of the 12 meter high tower and enjoy a magnificent view of the river, or eat on the banks of the St Lawrence river at low tide.
  • To learn about the local Acadian immigrants history, make a stop at the Société acadienne Port-Royal  museum.
  • Have a bite at the Fromagerie l'Ancêtre. This cheese factory is a pioneer in her field and makes organic cheeses. Explore and enjoy their great selection of products.
  • Relax and take care of yourself. Spend quality time for the 2 days and nights at the Auberge Godefroy. While you are there, why not cool off in the nature spa and take advantage of the facilities…
  • Spend a pleasant evening at the microbrewery Ô Quai des Brasseurs. Have an excellent meal and, if you want, taste one of their beers! To end the day in style, try the immersive night tour Echoes of Origins at the Centre de la biodiversité du Québec (reservation required).

DAY 2 :

Today, discover these places :

  • La Maison de Bibi - Café-Boutique : Have a relaxing lunch on the small terrace or inside, then take time to look at their passionately hand-made soaps at the boutique. Don’t leave empty handed. Buy a box of fudges and save it for a succulent solution to your next craving.
  • Le Fief de la Rivière : Make a quick stop at this vineyard to discover different products. Fun Fact : one of the two owners is a doctor, so they named their product line « Globul », a great way to represent their two passions.
  • Distillerie du Quai : Meet a gin producer also mixing two passions : music and gin. Each vintage has been especially produced over the sound of its unique playlist. A beautiful universe to explore!
  • Quai de Sainte-Angèle : Have a little break in the evening at the Ste-Angèle quay. If you are in luck, you could be part of one of the Quai en Fête events. Check out the calendar on their website

DAY 3 :

To wrap up this little tour, what about a day with a constant view on the rive and with many pleasant places to discover and enjoy slowly :

    • Moulin Michel de Gentilly : On the program, visit of the mill and lunch. This ancient buckwheat flour mill is still in operation and grinding. Discover its history and have an excellent lunch full of local products.
    • Bleuet & Cie : On season, you can pick blueberries. Off season, you can always buy blueberry themed products. Enjoy a good coffee on their pretty terrace.
    • Entre Fleuve & Brebis : Little gourmet stopover. This family dairy creates artisanal products. *Note : Friday to Sunday, succulent crepes in a cone are available for take-out. They are delicious!

Feeling like taking a break to look at the river and watch boats go by? Put these 2 stops on your schedule for the day:

All along the way, your taste buds will be tempted by great farming and fishing products as well as home-made recipes introducing you to the many flavors of Centre-du-Québec. Also, information points will tell you about the maritime history of the region.

Pssst! This route continues into the Chaudière-Appalaches and Bas-Saint-Laurent regions.

To plan a route on the Route des Navigateurs, visit the route’s website at routedesnavigateurs.ca!

For more details on the itinerary for this getaway, download the map  HERE.

  • Stop #1

    Parc écomaritime de l'Anse-du-Port

    Wooden footbridge on pylons cross the woods and marsh leading to the shores of Lac Saint-Pierre

    Chemin du Fleuve Ouest
    Nicolet (Quebec)

    819 293-6901

  • Stop #2

    Société acadienne Port-Royal

    The incredible story of the Acadians

    101-17600 rue Béliveau
    Bécancour (Quebec)
    G9H 0M4

    819 233-4411

  • Stop #3

    Fromagerie L'Ancêtre

    Every bite is a better world

    1615 boulevard de Port Royal
    Bécancour (Quebec)
    G9H 1X7


  • Stop #4

    Auberge Godefroy

    Indulge yourself!

    17575 boulevard Bécancour
    Bécancour (Quebec)
    G9H 1A5

    819 233-2200

  • Stop #5

    Ô Quai des Brasseurs

    Savour our beers and enjoy a meal with a stunning view of the St. Lawrence River!

    805 ave des Nénuphars
    Bécancour (Quebec)
    G9H 2T3

    819 489-8388

  • Stop #6

    L'écho des origines, et si la forêt nous racontait ?

    What if the forest could speak to us...

    1800 avenue des Jasmins
    Bécancour (Quebec)
    G9H 2S2

    819 222-5665

  • Stop #7

    Le Fief de la Rivière

    Magnificent vineyard located on ancestral land along the Saint-Marguerite River

    20280 boul. des Acadiens
    Bécancour (Quebec)
    G9H 1M8

    819 801-2195

  • Stop #8

    Café de la Maison de Bibi

    A unique coffee shop offering fresh, homemade products

    14840 boulevard Bécancour
    Bécancour (Quebec)
    G9H 2L5

    819 222-5800

  • Stop #9

    Distillerie du Quai

    Come discover our products, raised on music !

    807 Avenue des Nénuphars
    Bécancour (Quebec)
    G9H 2T3

    819 266-7602

  • Stop #10

    Quai de Sainte-Angèle (site naturel)

    The place to enjoy the beautiful season on the shores of the St. Lawrence River!

    Avenue des Nénuphars
    Bécancour (Quebec)

    819 233-4636

  • Stop #11

    Quai en Fête

    The Quay made for fun!

    100 avenue des Nénuphars
    Bécancour (Quebec)
    G9H 4T6

    819 668-5295

  • Stop #12

    Moulin Michel de Gentilly

    Visit an 18th century flour mill in an enchanting site

    675 boulevard Bécancour
    Bécancour (Quebec)
    G9H 3S9

    819 298-2882

  • Stop #13

    Bleuets & cie

    The real taste of berries!

    512 route Marie-Victorin
    Saint-Pierre-les-Becquets (Quebec)
    G0X 2Z0

    819 263-0286

  • Stop #14

    Entre fleuve & brebis

    A not-to-be-missed stopover with a view of the St. Lawrence!

    185 route Marie-Victorin
    Saint-Pierre-les-Becquets (Quebec)
    G0X 2Z0

    819 801-8909

  • Stop #15

    Parc fluvial des Becquets (site naturel)

    Look-out site providing a magnificent view of the St. Lawrence River

    rue du Quai
    Saint-Pierre-les-Becquets (Quebec)
    G0X 2Z0

    819 263-2622

  • Stop #16

    Halte Fenêtre sur le fleuve (site naturel)

    Old lighthouse provides an unobstructed view of the St. Lawrence River

    1948 route Marie-Victorin
    Deschaillons-sur-Saint-Laurent (Quebec)
    G0S 1G0

    819 292-2085

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