• 01 day
  • 49 km
Level : Intermediate

This route offers challenging hills for serious cyclists. The Sainte-Sophie-d’Halifax sector, a small village perched in the Appalachians, offers spectacular panoramas, especially in the fall. You can also see wind turbines on the mountain slopes. In Plessisville, stop at the Parc de la rivière Bourbon where you’ll find a walkway created by the sculptor Armand Vaillancourt, who was born in the region. In Princeville, relax at a rest area next to the cycling trail. 


Route Details

  • Paved Road : 40,5 km
  • Paved bike path : 2 km
  • Unpaved bike path : 6 km (at Princeville)
  • Parc linéaire des Bois-Francs - Route verte #1 bikeway (at Princeville) 

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